What is the Best Method for Cleaning Carpets?

Carpets will be one of the most luxurious items to buy when decorating your home, business or office. So you will have to maintain the quality of your carpets to ensure their life expectancy.  

Various methods to clean the carpet are:

Steam Cleaning

This really is the most frequent method used in specialist cleaning services. This process involves several phases including a comprehensive pre-vacuum so dry soils could be taken out of the carpet before they're moist and turn to sand, treating stains and spots, pre-spraying using a cleansing solution, stirring of the solution to the carpet pile, warm water extraction and use of deodorizer.

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Dry Method

It really involves a three-part process: solvent sprinkling on the carpet, moving across the carpet using a unique buffer with two concentric heads and vacuuming. Because of vacuum, all of the powder and gathered dirt will be eliminated.


This approach is actually easy – a cleanup solution is shampooed on the carpet with a round brush. The revolving action of the brush creates bubbles which trap the soil and is then removed as the foam is vacuumed away.

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet must be put at the bottom of the buffer and you need to dip into a shampoo solution. Proceed over the carpeting just as though you're buffing your flooring. Continue doing so until you eliminate the dirt out of the carpet. Finish by flushing the carpet once it's dry.

Foam Cleaning

The device used in this technique generates the foam. You use a brush to agitate the foam onto the carpet and also an extraction vacuum will then be used to pick up the foam which will trap dirt and soil.

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