What Is a Fire Sprinkler System?

If you have a commercial building, you probably already know how important it's to get a fire sprinkler system installed in that building – after all, they could decrease property damage by up to 67%! But only using a fire sprinkler system installed in your building is not enough – you need to be certain that it's well preserved.

As significant as it is, fire sprinkler care is rather easy (a good thing!). All it takes is a little maintenance in fire sprinkler method and a couple of calls to some fire protection services firm.

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Maintaining Your Sprinklers Maintained:

Schedule routine maintenance – based NFPA regulations, you ought to have your fire sprinkler system inspected and serviced at least a year (though about four times per year is preferable). For maximum security, you should also be sure you have your machine serviced each time you:

  • Installation or change water meter
  • Change the utilization of your construction
  • Do some remodeling in your Enterprise
  • Face changes in public water distribution, like in response to water shortages

There is a range of things you can do in between stated inspections to ensure that your sprinklers are kept in top form.

  • Never paint your sprinkler heads
  • Never hang anything out of the sprinkler heads
  • Never pile anything near your own sprinkler (as a general rule, try to maintain things at least 18 inches beneath it)

Benefits of Routine Sprinkler Maintenance:

Insurance advantages – insurance businesses have a tendency to give reductions. Typically between 5-10 percent, to companies that have tested and working fire sprinkler systems installed in their own offices. On the reverse side, the insurance businesses levy fairly severe penalties on companies that don't have sprinkler systems or do not have them often maintained.

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