Using and Accessorizing Wooden Dress Hangers the Right Way

Many clothing establishments continue to be using generic plastic or wire hangers to produce their products. What they do not realize, however, is that customized wooden dress hangers are a better choice for protecting the form and cloth of clothes in the display.

Vinyl or cable shirt screen helps are often too soft to deal with the burden of dresses and heavier items of clothing, and cheaply-manufactured products may also damage the dress’ material.

There are various sorts of hangers for various types of clothes. Employing the perfect type for a particular garment won’t just help show off the cut or design of the dress, but also help properly protect it on the display rack.

Wood may be the material of choice for premium quality display assists in most establishments because of its durability and traditional allure. You can also buy non-slip wooden hangers online by clicking right here.


Properly constructed and branded wooden clothes hangers may also lend stores a more professional and classy atmosphere that leaves a fantastic impression on clients.

Additionally, there are a number of solutions to extend the display assists’ usability. Nonslip features such as U-style notches, adhesive strips, ridged grippers, and extrusions may be implemented to help prevent garments from falling into the floor.

Accessories such as hooks, clips, and shed and bar attachments can also help extend the endurance of hangers and also help to save storage space.

Dowel bars, by way of instance, may hang complementing shawls or jewelry pieces, while wooden dress hangers with alloy cushion insert clips make it possible to hold skirts or pants with a fitting jacket.

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