Understanding the basics of demolition services

Whenever we come across the term demolition, the very first thought in our mind is of destruction. In the practical sense demolition is a process undertaken when buildings or old structures are to be taken down to reconstruct new ones in its place. Another way of thinking about demolition is the opposite of construction.


Newcastle demolition services for small buildings or house has a very simple process which involves taking down the structure or using large equipments to lay waste to the structure. On the other hand for massive or big structures like bridges, sky scrapers, etc demolition take place in two forms:

  • Explosive demolition
  • Non-explosive demolition

Demolition may seem to be a simple process in which the structure or building is taken down but in reality it's a much more than that and a detailed process. Before carrying out any demolition project certain safety procedures have to be followed:

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Removing harmful material
  • Obtain necessary permissions
  • Submit necessary notifications
  • Rodent removal
  • Safety work plans

After accomplishing all this procedures, the actual demolition process starts. Buildings are then razed either by Hydraulic excavators to remove concrete blocks or by the Cranes fitted with wrecking balls. Even loader and bulldozers are used.

During the process of demolition lot of sand and dust is generated. In order to remove them fire hoses are used to continuously spray water to prevent such dusty environment. There are many contractors who are equipped with all kinds of demolition equipments so that they can help you with any type of project.

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