Tips To Keep Kids Busy During The Vacations

The vacations are here and while some mothers breathe a sigh of help from the break in the morning mess and weekend and after-school activities, others are breaking out into a sudden speculating how they are going to preserve their little sweethearts busy without sending themselves entirely nuts.

So I have piled up a list of inexpensive simple things to keep your kids busy. Scavenger Hunts these are always a hit and very easy to set up and play. You can also get info on spring break Sacramento kids activities.

Spring Break Sacramento Kids

The idea is to hide things all around the house or the yard. It could be anything from say 20 matchbox cars to pencils to even macaroni and then the kids go out and find them.

Whoever gets the most, wins. You can even add a twist by getting one player to write out a secret list of things in a room, he then tells everyone playing how many items are on his list (but not what they are) and they have to collect that many items.

Cooking Kids love cooking – especially when it is sweet – funny that! Try the 5 cupcakes, 1 cup each of flour, sugar, fruit, milk, coconut. Mix it all together and bake for about 30 mins, depending on your oven. If you don’t like that much sugar, substitute half for the almond meal.

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