The disruptive physician: Addressing the issues

Disruptive behavior differs from criticism given in good faith with the goal of enhancing patient care and out of collective actions on the part of doctors. Physicians shouldn't submit false or malicious reports of disruptive behavior.

Physicians that have leadership roles within a healthcare institution have to be sensitive to the accidental ramifications institutional arrangements, policies, and practices might have on healthcare and skilled employees.

Specifically cited are the following activities of disruptive behavior:

  • Physically threatening anybody at the clinic
  • Creating threatening or threatening physical contact with another individual
  • Throwing things
  • Threatening violence or retribution
  • Sexual and other harassment
  • Persistent improper behavior, increasing to the degree of harassment

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Specific inappropriate behaviors set out in the code include, but aren't restricted to, the following:

  • Creating belittling
  • Humorous or condescending statements
  • Calling folks names
  • Using profanity
  • Intentionally neglecting to react to individual care requirements or personnel asks
  • Intentionally failing to return calls, pages, and messages
  • Outcomes of disruptive behavior

The outcome of disruptive behavior could be important, and might even impact patient care. By referring to online resources you can succeed in identifying and eliminating disruptive physician behavior disorder.

Additional these behaviors often lead to diminished morale and productivity and make work environment disturbances because of greater anxiety and turnover of healthcare employees.

Collegiality is diminished by tumultuous behavior, resulting in a less effective and less operational team.

A colleague on the receiving end of improper behavior might be less inclined to question orders, communicate concerns regarding disagreements in individual consents, or educate the doctor of other patient-related problems, thereby raising the possibility of medical error.

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