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Science Based Six Pack Takes The Guesswork Out Of Getting Six Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs can be difficult, not only in terms of actual physical work, but knowing what steps to take to get a finely developed core. Science Based Six Pack not only takes the guesswork out the process, but does so using innovative research based data that other programs do not.

Science Based Six Pack utilizes a three-prong approach of nutrition, exercise, and intermittent fasting protocol. Intermittent fasting involves consuming the majority of your calories during a small time period, while abstaining from food the remaining hours of the day. Many nutrition and diet programs indoctrinate you with the belief that you must eat every 2-3 hours, or else you may lose muscle, get fatigued and slow down metabolism. The reality is that none of these commonly held beliefs are true. Intermittent fasting actually helps you build lean muscle and recover faster, as it boosts the body’s muscle growth ability by an incredible amount. This boost also promotes protein integration that helps with new muscle building as well as aiding in muscle repair, muscle recovery and fat utilization.

Science Based Six Pack also has an original approach to intermittent fasting. Its Fast Break Strategy involves a specific protocol when breaking the fast. Other programs do not give this type of direction, resulting in poor food decisions, insulin spikes and less than optimal fat burning. The Science Based Six Pack approach allows you to gradually raise your insulin levels to improve the fat-burning process. You can use one of two approaches: the Base Track, a flexible option for men who do not have experience with dieting or meal creation and the Fast Track, perfect for men with some experience in healthy eating and meal preparation. Regardless of which approach you choose, you will find that the Science Based Six Pack at sciencebasesixpack.com will require very little behavior change, reduce meal prep time, and allow you eat the foods you enjoy.