Safety Precautions and Disposal Methods Of Polymer Batteries

The lithium-ion battery is a brand new, rechargeable lithium-based battery-powered. Lithium polymer was designed as a lower price and a more secure form of the ion cell phone.

However, there are particular security measures which will need to be followed when utilizing such batteries. They’re also referred to as lipo cells. If you want to know more about polymer batteries and their safety precautions then you can pop over to

Cylindrical- Steel Can


  • Never let Lithium battery to be discharged or charged or near combustible materials, this includes paper, plastic, vinyl, rugs, leather, timber, within an R/C version or full-sized auto.
  • Don’t place packs in the pocket of any clothes.
  • Never let lithium-ion batteries to come in contact with water or moisture in any moment.
  • Never keep the batteries close to an open fire or heater.
  • Never build Lithium batteries or pre-assembled packs collectively along with other Lithium cells/packs. Just a skilled battery assembly firm should assemble or alter LiPo batteries.
  • Don’t let LiPo cells to become punctured, particularly with metallic objects such as screwdrivers, T-pins, or hobby knives.
  • Always provide adequate ventilation around LiPo batteries throughout charge, release, and throughout storage. When a battery becomes overheated immediately put it at a fire-proof place until it warms.

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