Keeping Your Animals Safe – Automated Farm Gates

Sturdy fences and gates are essential for securing livestock on a farm. Automatic gates are an important time saver for farmers as they can open and close the gate at the push of a button. Making the change from a regular farm gate to an automatic farm gate needn't be a costly expedition.

Any existing farm gate can be upgraded to an automatic gate. Simply purchase the desired gate installation kit from your local automatic gate company, install the kit and presto you have a set of modern automatic solar powered farm gates.

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The available DIY kits mean you won't have to wait for an electrician to install it for you and you won't have to pay installation fees, saving you both time and money. You can visit to know more about Automated Farming Systems.

Having a battery operated automatic gate that runs on solar energy is important in a rural area, as they can operate miles away from the nearest mains power.

Solar panel technology has advanced greatly over the years and the latest monocrystalline panels ensure that solar panels get full power even during significant cloud cover.

Gates can be secured with a keypad lock and easy push button close system or they can be opened by a remote control transmitter through a mobile phone.

The GSM remote control system is programmed via SMS text and can be used to open the gate, garage and any other electronic lock using a mobile phone. This means that farmers can open and close gates at the push of a button from the comfort of their vehicle or mode of transport.

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