Introduction to Baptism Ceremony

Early preparation entails making arrangements with the church, booking and confirming that the place, compiling and arrange guests listing, preparing thank-you notes and presents for all guests along with the important people involved with the service.

If you’re organizing any occasion and need to prevent any probable glitches, it’s better for you to just plan everything early which involves sending out invitation cards. 1 month to 2 weeks ahead of the event date will be the advised time for sending out invitation cards.

Guests are given sufficient time to pick and notify you if they can attend the event or not. Early preparation benefits both the server and the guests equally. For additional info about the baptism ceremony, you can browse to

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In a conventional Baptism/Christening your infant will put on a dress during the ceremony. This dress would be a very long cream or white in colour, it’s worn by both boys and girls. Your loved ones could have a dress that’s been passed from different generations but constantly buys a new one easily.

The baptism ceremony won’t take longer than one hour. It could be held inside or outside, depending upon the host’s personality, taste and budget. Unless the reception is stored from the host’s home, he might need to book the place early to prevent any glitches afterwards.

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