Importance Of SATA Cables

SATA technology was created and implemented into computer systems in 2003. Since then SATA has had a global takeover on motherboards of all computer manufacturers.

This technology can transfer data at up to 1.5 Gbit/s. There is a new version of this new technology that can actually transfer at 3 Gbit/s which is twice as fast as the technology that came out in 2003.

If you have ever gotten your hands into a computer you will remember the large flat IDE cables that were a total pain to maneuver around and which were always in the way. Not only is the newer SATA technology way faster than IDE, but it is much smaller in comparison.

For example, the new cables only have 7 wires in it instead of 80 like the old IDE cables had, Sata Power Splitter, USB To Sata Ide Adapter- Megatech Distributor because these cables are smaller they take up much less space in your PC. This is a great advancement as it makes upgrading and moving things around in your computer case a breeze.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that only hard drives are made to work with this new protocol. That is incorrect as there are many other devices that now connect to the motherboard via this technology.

CD drives, Sound cars, and even external devices can now be hooked up to your computer via the new eSATA ports on newer machines. This technology has proven to be the new standard and is certainly speeding up computers everywhere.

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