Guarding Your Spirit and Soul

Deliverance is a good Bible word, so we should study it. But as always, we must study it from the Bible whence it originated, not from the culture in which we find the church in our age.

On the other hand, way, on the other hand, those churches that find it impossible to fit the miraculous, the other-worldly, into their worldly philosophy of church, well these findings may be a bit of a shock for them too.

If deliverance is from God, and it is, then it will cut across our materialistic ways and open our eyes to another sphere altogether. It is possible to achieve deliverance from evil spirits with minimum attention to darkness. Jesus is asked to do the deliverance

Within my own writings record, I've entered the word “deliverance" about severe flaws my flesh proceeds showing.  I would like to get delivered from such things.   Did you need related to dull spirits?  Was Jesus requesting us to beg every day or often, to be installed of the devil? Exactly what exactly did he really mean? 

At the light of the small piece I've shared thus far, is the semester able to become prearranged with Scripture?  On the flip side, didn't that the apostles possess a deliverance ministry at the meaning in which that is most frequently used now?  That's, did they never throw out demons, bringing people frequently from years of torture?

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Of course, we have to approach the main topic of, “Can believers possess allies?"  Is there a case if a born-again believer has been “delivered" in this way?  However, when deliverance means just demons, how will we pray the Lord's prayer?  Surely Christians are not permitted to beg for a prayer should demons can't get a grip on them… But well worth starting, in my own ruling. 

That section of advice is actually the key to the entire puzzle.  But that advice is difficult to find since there are many words interpreted"deliver, delivered, deliverance, and so forth" in both Greek and Hebrew. 

  Salvation and deliverance are varying terms."Sozo" is that the Greek word frequently used with regard salvation from the New Testament.  This way to"save, send, protect" and can be interpreted"heal, preserve, save your self," etc..  Again, both salvation and deliverance are varying terms.

Jesus is the Savior (from sin) and Jesus is the Deliverer (from demons). That's how we like to say it. First Savior, the Deliverer. But this discounts stories in Scripture of those who were exorcized before there was any talk of sin.

Better to say Jesus is the Savior/Deliverer -which includes the healer- for they are the same word in the original! When I am bound by anything the question is always, what must I do to be saved/delivered? The answer is Jesus. Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved/delivered on the spot.

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