Get To Know More About Breeding

Horse breeding is natural, but not all horses are meant to be bred. In order for two to make three we need a stallion (male) and a mare (female) which mate. A mare can only be bred with when she is in season. If the covering (mating) is successful she will give birth to a foal (baby) ten months later.

If you are interested in breeding for what ever personal reason, the best place to begin is with a sound, healthy horse. Generally the stallion owner offers his horses services during the breeding season for a fee. You can browse to know more about breeding.

If you want to make money breeding then you certainly need to own a stallion that has good bloodlines, good conformation and temperament.

Those three aspects are essential ingredients for breeding. A mare has a little more elbow room in her requirements. This is only because she is going to produce a single foal per year, whereas a stallion is bred to around 40 mares per season with live cover and a lot more when using artificial insemination.


As an owner of a mare, your responsibilities and duties do not have to be very involved and complicated. Stud farms are built and developed specifically for breeding purposes. 

You can either stable your mare at the farm where the stallion resides; you can transport your mare to the stallion on the day of cover and take her home the same day, or if artificial insemination is your choice your mare can stay where she is and the semen is shipped to you.

Live cover is when the stallion mounts the mare and covers the mare. The staff will prepare the mare by washing her vulva (private parts), bandage her tail and possibly give her a tranquilizer. 

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