Get To Know About Visa Categories

All immigrants wanting to return to the United States need to present a foundation for their program for a US visa. You can browse to know more about Visa Services.

The general classes are non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are for foreign nationals who wish to stay in the USA on a permanent basis.

Non-immigrant visas are for foreign nationals who wish to remain in the USA on a temporary basis.

Immigrant and non-immigrant visas are divided into these classes. Please be aware that this list reflects just the most frequent categories.

Immigrant Visas

Family Sponsored Visa(I-130)

PERM Labor Certification Visa

Employment Bases Visa (EB-1/EB-2)

Violence Against Women Act Visa (VAWA)

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Visa

Diversity Visa Program-Lottery (DV-2014)

Extraordinary Ability Visa (EB-1A)

Professors/Researchers Visa (EB-1B)

Non-immigrant Visas

Business Visa (B-1)

Visitors Visa (B-2)

Student Visa (F-1)

Fiancee Visa (K-1)

Licensed Employees Visa (L-1B)

Extraordinary Ability Visa (O-1)

Entertainer's Visa (P-1)

Religious Workers Visa (R-1)



As soon as an organizing immigrant submits his application for a United States visa under one of those classes offered to the applicant, the US authorities will process the visa.

The processing time is dependent upon the class of visa under which the immigrant applies. Following the US visa is processed, then the immigrant should proceed to a meeting at the US Embassy overseas.

The objective of the interview is dependent upon the kind of the US visa under that the immigrant has implemented. 

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