Factors And Causes Of UTI

Possibly the most usual cause of a UTI in women (who account for the huge majority of all urinary tract infections reported), is gender. The physical action and the character of a female body make girls considerably more susceptible than men.

Their urethra is considerably shorter and also the distance from the anus to the urethra opening can also be considerably shorter. No real surprises.

There are several other problems which may raise the chances and frequency of a UTI such as an enlarged prostate in males (raising the probability of a UTI in males over 60), kidney stones, or a congenital urinary tract obstruction or abnormality. Women’s Standing Urination Device – Disposable Female Urination Device helps women to stand and pee without getting affected by UTI.

Whatever leads to a limited or decreased stream of urine or triggers an individual to urinate less often can result in a rise in the amount of UTI’s. There’s only anecdotal evidence that pregnancy may increase the probability of UTI.

But it’s usually accepted that when a UTI does grow during pregnancy, there’s an elevated threat of this urinary tract disease progressing into a kidney disease.  Some clinicians suggest this danger is raised during weeks through 26.

There’s also some evidence that a UTI during pregnancy might increase the chance of premature birth or low birth weight. If you are pregnant and suspect that you have a UTI, then you need to contact your health-care supplier straight away.

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