Condo Purchasing Facts

Common Real Estate:

Limited shared property is possessed by everybody in the construction and generally includes areas like lobby, amenities, parking (with the exclusion of individual stalls), halls, lifts etc. Fundamentally, common house is anything beyond your own suite.

Some common buildings could consist of pipes and windows as ordinary property. Common property can be preserved by a property manager or condominium board and can be financed by condominium fees.

Condo Fees:

Condo prices include the maintenance of the building and common areas in addition to a book fund (employed for large updates or repairs, for example new roof, lifts etc.). Each construction may work; but most condominium prices are based on the square footage of this unit. But you can get the attractive prices for Murray hill apartments at

Condo Levies:

A levy is a compulsory charge of x number of dollars to each owner in a construction and can be done when major renovations or repairs must occur (or a deadline upon) which are more expensive than the book fund can deal with.

Condo Boards:

A condominium board is a group of owners who act on behalf of their construction at large to handle the condition of the construction in addition to financing, future jobs, and concerns of different owners.


Often time’s condos have been bought as a way of investment. This is a superb way to expand a budget. Be certain that you confirm the condominium’s policies on leasing your package as well all pertinent laws and regulations changeable both the construction and renters act in your town.


Find a builder that may let you know exactly what you can and cannot change, eliminating a structural wall may spell catastrophe which you’re accountable for.

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