Commercial and Residential Properties needs safety From Fire Accidents


No one wants to encounter any fire accident and to secure one and family many measures needs to be taken. Hiring fire safety company to ensure that the residential as well as commercial properties remain safe is one way to protect property from any fire accident. Fire safety companies ensure to do all the things needed to keep the premises safe and the keep proper arrangements for exit in case of any emergency.

Fire safety company gives the responsibility to fire safety advisor for keeping all the things intact. There are many responsibility of fire safety advisor; like:

  • He is properly familiar of all the things needed to keep the premises safe in case of fire.
  • His role is to provide proper information to building manager, owner and tenant for the fire safety precautions.
  • He is totally trained and skilled for providing training of first response evacuation and coordination evacuation.
  • He is also responsible for all the medical support needed in case of fire emergency.
  • He is responsible to inform fire fighter with correct information regarding the situation.
  • He takes care to repeat the information regarding the fire safety time to time.
  • He conducts demo of evacuation procedure time to time to let the people remember safety procedures.

There are many things needs to be considered for keeping the premises safe and hiring the fire safety company is one of them.

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