Christian Leadership: Steps to Success

Whether a Bible educator, a small group lead or the organizer of a Sunday school class, Christian leadership brings so many different challenges.

We all get tired. Most Christian leaders are helpers, meaning they have family responsibilities and "day jobs" and jam-packed agendas. But God means your facility and headship to be pleased.  You can also hop over to to get the best church services.

He's raised you up to perform the task before you.  So, understanding that true satisfaction comes from being in God's will, recall your call to direction.  Here are a few practical suggestions – together with a few scriptural encouragement and intellect – which can allow you to succeed.

Measure #1: Pace yourself

It is human nature to wait for the last moment.  Do not.  Plan your own time.  Understand that most of us have the exact same 24 hours every day.  Describe your priorities, break them down into jobs and prayerfully dedicate them to God.

Measure #2: Know exactly what your job is… and what it is not

One task all of the Christian leaders have would be to be a good illustration.  Permit your lifestyle to be among evangelism and ethics.  Know that people are seeing.

Measure #3: Understand your limits

You may make errors.  Understand that.  Learn from them.  In case you've hurt other people, apologize immediately and seek citizenship.  Do not let errors bring you back down.  Use them to build up you.  Experience is a superb teacher and we learn more from failure than success.

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