Changing Your Hospital HEPA Filter

Hospitals are important to any society. You’ll notice that hospitals are very clean and very sterile on the inside. Cleanliness is extremely important for any hospital or clean room, considering that germs and other impurities can affect the patients within it.

This is especially true when it comes to things like contagious bacterial or viral infections that people may have. In hospitals, air purifiers are necessary to keep these impurities out of the air. As such, there are many throughout the hospitals in many areas. However, that also means that they must be kept clean. Hospitals usually employ the use of HEPA filters to keep their air clean.

You can find out when to clean them at

Each HEPA filter needs to be taken care each month or two. In a hospital, it might be a good idea to keep yourself covered when taking care of them, too. These filters may contain a few hazardous particles, so be sure to cover your hands and face.

You won’t have to replace them for about three years if you take care of them. You can extend their life quite a bit with continuous upkeep. In some cases, hospitals may have permanent HEPA filters as well, but they still need to be cleaned. If you don’t, though, it can cause a lot of problems and even break the permanent HEPA filter.

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