Best Price Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Finding the best price for Egyptian cotton sheets is going to be a bit tricky. Well, it'll be tricky if you want to make sure you're still getting the real thing.

The thing about Egyptian cotton sheets is that one of the only ways that you can tell if you're getting the real thing is the price. Real Egyptian cotton sheets are going to run you at least a couple hundred dollars per set. They can sometimes run closer to $1,000 per set or even more than that if you wind up getting Giza 45 cotton sheets.

What you primarily want to look for is a high price (bare minimum $150 per set) and that the label includes “ELS cotton”. That's “extra long staple cotton” and that's the important part, not the “Egyptian cotton” part. (Learn more about the best brands here:

The reason for this is that any sheet can be labeled “Egyptian cotton” legally as long as it contains at least 5% cotton that has been sourced from Egypt. 

Even if the label says “100% Egyptian cotton”, however, that doesn't mean that the sheets are ELS cotton. There is much more standard cotton that comes out of Egypt than ELS cotton. That's part of the reason for the high prices.

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