Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy. In this type of massage, warm stones are placed on different pressure points to get rid of various ailments and diseases. For this massage professionals usually use smooth-surfaced basalt rocks or river rocks. Before using these stones, they are properly sanitized in hot water.

Following are a few healthy benefits of getting a hot stone massage.


1. Relaxing Muscles

The main benefit of getting a hot stone massage is that it helps in relaxing muscles and enables massage therapists to effectively manipulate the client’s deep tissues. This type of massage is recommended for people with extremely stiff and tight muscles. It is also beneficial for sore muscles to ease tension in them.

2. Improved Blood Circulation

Heat from the hot stones easily penetrates in the deeper tissues in the body. This is the reason it is considered more beneficial than other massages. Not only that, it also helps in improving blood circulation in the body. One of the main reasons behind fatigue is poor circulation of blood. Improved circulation of blood delivers more oxygen to the muscles, hence easing pains and aches.  

3. Increased Flexibility

All types of massages are considered beneficial for improving overall health of joints but hot stone massage is exceptionally beneficial for joint flexibility. Patients of arthritis and people who suffer from chronic pains in joints have experienced good results after getting hot stone therapy. Moreover, it helps in the mobility and movement by improving flexibility in joints.

Before conducting a hot stone therapy, you should have a license or have taken a tafe massage course Sydney.

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