Basic Information About GOP Party Of Treason

The Republican Party, referred to commonly as GOP, is one of those two major political parties that are in the United States of America. Its name is derived from republicanism which is a value that has been considered dominant during American Revolution. These were founded by activists who are against slavery, and economic modernizers among others.

The current president of the country is under this party and there were other eighteen Republican presidents before him. Although, there have been many issues and controversies against them recently such as being called GOP Party of Treason by the people. This is because of their questionable decisions and actions that they had made over the past few months and years.

This is specially true for the current president because he is considered very controversial right now due to his actions and words. These include the laws and reforms he has been advocating for the House to make which most people do not like. His activeness is also a source of disappointment and even humor for other individuals.

There are also accusations raised against him and the people who are working with him closely in the White House. An example for this has happened during the election when he was not even elected yet into the office. His son was said to had received information from a foreign entity about his rival presidential candidate which are something negative about her and could be used against her.

This activity was found out to be true then later although they were still adamant that they have done nothing wrong. When this was confirmed, people started calling what they have done treason since they asked for help from a foreigner. And that person is from the country which has been considered an enemy of the USA before.

There is also the accusation that the foreign country has interfered during the previous election to make the results favorable to them. Of course, this has been denied by the president even when the CIA has traced the hack coming from that nation. He just said that the hacker may have bounced his connection to give the impression of hacking from there.

And there has been some activities in trying to discredit the person who is trying to prove that the president has committed several offenses. This is because there is a chance of him being removed from office when the accusations are proven. They want to prevent this from happening and they are finding ways to do just that.

There are evidences to help prove the accusations though with several charges and it might even include treason. Although the Congress stills avoids having an impeachment trial since most of them are members of the same party. It seems like they rather protect themselves rather than protect the welfare of their citizens.

The evidences generally point to the other country having a role in helping him succeed to office. It even points a violation of the clause of Emolument that the Constitution has. And his policies are considered dangerous to the environment and his fellow countrymen.

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