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The internet has changed and is still changing the world as we speak. But the church is getting left behind. Throughout history the church dominated the spread and assimilation of society throughout the known world. But in my lifetime the church where I live has slowly and successfully declined. I’m 60 next year and there are not too many younger than me at Sunday Mass. You can join live church online by browsing this reference: “Fire Place Church|Live Stream Church Online|Online Bible Study Groups

As soon as I visited church in China I had been among the earliest.  Folks would stand to provide me a chair, as there is standing room only once the ceremony started.  To acquire yourself a chair you’d to go around 30 minutes .  They used to create candles out therefore people can sit .  You mightn’t go.  You will find big screen TVs broadcasting the ceremony across the church, since you mightn’t always observe the alter.

In Communion it had been organized chaos with roughly 6 different Communion channels to visit.  There have been lineup of people snaking round the church.  It had been only amazing I’d seen nothing like it for most decades.  Any way perhaps not as I was a youngster visiting my faculty church.   But this is China. Online is quite economical in China therefore when I really couldn’t make it into church, I’d like to really go on the web to to join a Mass.

This has been quite fine but there is not any interaction.  It had been just like watching television.  Any Way I located into at the Cathedral.  This has been interactive and that I met many individuals, but there, today when I move back there tend to be not any people at Mass. As I’m quite a part of the web I began seeking to cyber space.  I have been engaged in education for a long time and previously I’ve used the net to show and learn.

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We educated off school kids the world wide web in addition to primary school kiddies.  The net may be your future, also it really is my own future.  I began doing MOOCs this past calendar year.  And has been very amazed.  If you ask me is the near future of instruction.  The majority of the MOOCs I engaged in where instruction a topic I’m curious about. Inside my village at little old NZ, the men and women who visit church have settled in their various churches.  However, there’s really a little number who change churches.

A handful kids who encounter my shop have begun going into the Salvation Army, where as earlier they moved along to a church that was different.  They shifted out of a nighttime church to per church.  I believe mummy did not need them walking home during the night .  A whole lot of the children and street children alternate between the Salvation Army and also another, I think that it’s really a Brethren Church.  They’ve lots going on to the youngsters.

The church in the past has always been at the forefront of change, but with the internet and the cyberspace world, they have not changed fast enough. The church in second life that grew from nothing just showed the church could still dominate cyberspace, but the church model would need to change. The internet model of survival is ‘the money is in the list’. You need to capture the email address of your visitors to build your list.

But most of second life do not use lists. When you visit a new site your presence is acknowledged, but I have never been sent a follow up email from anybody on second life yet. And that church completely took the church model in second life to new heights, and their model I think was word of mouth or f2f as they say on the internet.

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