All About Vitiligo Causes

Vitiligo is a disease that appears due to the loss of melanin cells from the skin. The disease affects 40 to 50 million people of the worldwide. The symptoms of the disease include the appearance of white spots and patches on the skin, graying of hair color, affected skin mucous membrane and loss of vision due to the affected retina of eyes.

The major cause of the vitiligo is the depigmentation. Depigmentation refers to the loss of melanin cells from the skin. If you want to know more information about  Vitiligo you can hop over to this web-site.

There are different causes of the disease includes:

  • Heredity
  • Dietary deficiency
  • Auto-immunity
  • Sunburn or sun exposure
  • Stress

By using different types of topical applications for skin can causes serious problem. In the market, there is a number of skin bleaching creams are available which are manufacturing by different chemicals that are harmful to the skin layers. Usage of such topical application can also lead vitiligo symptoms.

Homeopathy also provides a safe solution without any of the side-effects that are seen with long-term conventional treatment. Whereas, homeopathy, do not promise miraculous, permanent and quick cures for all cases of Vitiligo.

There are also many other treatments which you can use for Vitiligo like laser therapy, light treatment, natural remedies.

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