A Plethora of Choice on the Whitsunday Islands

Queensland is home to the stunning Whitsundays islands.

74 islands, island with pristine sand, fantastic scenery, some of Australia's best hiking, diving and fishing.  So there's not a shortage of things to do on the Whitsundays.

However no one tourist is the same, so we take a look at a few islands that have differing qualities for different tourists:

Armit Island 

For those of you looking for a bare, and basic camping experience Amit island is for you. Lying just north of Airlie beach it's easily accessible by ferry when requested.  It's not on the usual map of destinations of the regular tourist's guide, so this may appeal to those looking for a little tranquillity away from the masses. 

It consists of a pebbly beach, and is home to a vibrant amount of bird life and has space for up to 12 sets of campers. 

With Airlie enabling you to grab all your supplies and more it's ideal for a two-day getaway and if you want to stay longer, Airlie is close so you can get there and back and stock up in no time. 

Ideal for: Day-trippers and secluded camping,

Grassy Island 

Grassy Island is rarely visited as it is very close to Airlie beach but is known to the fishermen as a hotspot.  You'll easily be able to find out about a charter or enquire with your tour company as it will likely be on the itinerary. For all enquiries on Sailing in the Whitsundays visit an official site

The island is full of greenery and has plentiful stretches of beach, plus it's easy to get to and back in no time.

Ideal for:  Fishing enthusiasts, secluded beaches

Gloucester Island 

Gloucester Island is slightly different; it's now a popular camping destination thanks to an impressive array of wildlife.  It's home to one of the most endangered wallabies, the Rock Wallaby, a treat for anyone to see. 

Bona Bay is the main camping ground and has adequate facilities for a stay, with toilets, picnic areas and shelter for campers. 

Ideal for:  Secluded Camping  looking for solitude and wildlife enthusiasts

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