5 Tips for Printing the Best Business Card Design

Business cards are extremely important promotional tools for almost any company. Your business card layout must catch the viewer's attention and stick out from the countless other cards on the marketplace. Look at this website to find out more about unique business cards.

5 Tips for Printing the Best Business Card Design

So here are a few tips which will aid in designing a successful business card.

1. Use contrasting backgrounds and shapes in the card. Black and white or plain cards do not help; instead, combine both. You can use a white backdrop for half of the card and use a contrasting color like your company color for the other half.

2. To earn your card much more interesting, you might also use different shaded shapes like circles and boxes to display your contact details. However, don't use more than three colors on the card as too many colors clutter the card and make it confusing to read.

3. Whatever style you choose, you need to include your organization logo on the card. Whether or not the emblem is a simple, single colored one or a unique, multi-colored one, it's through the logo that people remember you.

4. Use little text in your as it provides the card a distinguished appearance. However, do not make it so small it is not readable; font sizes between 9-11 pt. would be the best.

5. Always use the highest quality ink and paper. Though you might need to pay more, its marketing and advertising effects make it well worthwhile. Matte paper is a fantastic alternative; and so is shiny papers with colors which produce the card appear bright and clear.

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