5 Best Wall Painting Techniques

 Painting is one job in industrial, commercial or residential decor that requires careful and most diligent choices regarding the colour design and techniques of painting. If you want something simple but not boring, looking into different wall painting techniques is a good place to start. Each technique has something slightly different to offer and all of them will enliven your walls. To have the best decor and ensuring a one of a kind ambience, below are the best wall painting techniques that painters across the suburbs of Botany and Annandale may provide :


It Creates a uniform texture for the walls. Once the base color is painted, a paint glaze can be sponged to create a mottled look. To get the depth, normally Botany Painters use a darker base color and lighter color on top.

Drywall Texturing

It is a wonderful way to make your drywall more appealing and cover up minor imperfections in drywall installation. Some of the drywall texturing techniques are Knockdown, Orange Peel, Popcorn drywall texture.


The process is similar to sponging except that a rag is used in painting. Annandale painters use different rag material to produce fabric textures such as velvet or leather. Texture is designed to be less uniform across the wall, creating more emphasis.

Stenciling and Stamping

It is used to create similar effects as that of wallpaper. A design is chosen from across a wide variety and the same is stamped onto the walls. It is more fixed and dynamic than wallpaper for it gives a choice of shape and colour and placement on walls.


A subtle technique, it involves adding or removing various glazes or paints onto the base coat stabbing the wall with a paint brush. The dotted texture of the stabbed brush also creates a richness and elegance that many homeowners admire to have.

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