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Business and corporate investigationsHelping Businesses
in Colorado...

...and from New Orleans to Seattle, Chicago to Los Angeles...
develop the information their executives and lawyers need to:

* minimize risk.
* prepare for trial.
* identify and reduce security threats.
* research potential merger partners or acquisition targets.
* uncover and address problems created by off-work behavior of key personnel.
* respond to requests, subpoenas and demands from government regulators.
* understand their competitors.
* hire new executives with confidence.
* clean-up and address workplace problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and determine how they can henceforth be avoided.

BIW serves the needs of businesses large and small by bringing to the table a team of investigators, each investigator with extensive experience in their specialty. BIW has:

* A team of investigators for time-consuming assignments in which dozens of people need to be interviewed quickly.
* A managing investigator with a 30-year track record of digging up information others can’t identify, much less get their hands on.
* Principal investigators with backgrounds in law, law enforcement and corporate legal defense.

Don’t make decisions in the dark. Get the light only BIW can provide.

  Litigation support
Regulatory response
Asset searches
Criminal defense
  Security assessments
  Workplace investigations
Employee backgrounds
Applicant backgrounds
Accident investigations

The investigative services BIW provides are pertinent to:
pre-employment screenings, whistleblower cases, affirmative action, embezzlement, sexual harassment, forgery, fraud, workplace violence, stalking, drug and substance abuse, discrimination, theft, loss prevention, ethics, employee misconduct, OSHA, mergers and acquisitions, executive backgrounds, labor relations, SEC, FDIC, EPA, corporate ethics and false statements, among other business transactions.

Ryan Ross Business Investigator
Rachel Kemble

Ryan Ross
Managing Investigator

"We can help you litigate to win, manage and protect your workforce, minimize risk, hire and buy with confidence, beat your competitors, and protect your bottom-line."



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